Wireless Monitoring

Any situation in which data is collected from real world sources using monitoring devices may benefit from our products. The size and capability of the UTx as a wearable transmitter mean that it is ideally suited to remote personal health monitoring applications.

The UTx can provide multiple serial and analogue inputs, turning it into a Multi-Sensor Transmitter. This enables readings about a person, object or location to be monitored with various sensors and instruments through the same UTx. In addition, the Easy-link system can connect to many UTx units in a group-monitoring situation.

The difficulty and expense of cable laying may make wireless telemetry an attractive proposition, especially if collecting data on a temporary project such as a survey.

The mobility afforded by Wearable Wireless Telemetry allows employee's safety to be monitored unobtrusively while they perform their daily tasks, and objects to be tracked via GPS.

Example Uses:


See our list of Case Studies for specific examples, and check our list of Already Supported Devices.