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The UTx is a sophisticated wearable wireless transmitter. Small enough to be unobtrusive, it has a range up to 1 mile. It uses a 2.4 GHz, spread spectrum, frequency hopping transceiver, providing consistent and reliable radio links even in difficult environments.

The UTx has connectors for many devices enabling Multi - Instrument data to be collected and transmitted in realtime. The case has space for custom interface electronics where required. Approximate dimensions 83mm x 27mm x 150mm (maximum, excluding antenna). By inserting one of the standard Phitech daughter-boards or commissioning a custom board, the UTx can be personalised to a particular application.

A modular design allows new devices to be easily configured, making this product extremely flexible. We already have a large suite of supported devices in the fields of GPS and radiation monitoring.


Software Products - Monitoring Systems

We have developed a variety of software products, all related to monitoring systems.

The main product is a generic monitoring system that can be easily configured to your needs. It forms part of the Easy - Link end to end solution for your telemetry requirements..

It is a realtime system, capable of storing and displaying data as it arrives. Its design allows a large variety of devices to be configured with ease, and many different device data types are already supported. It can work as a standalone system, or be easily linked to seperate databases and clients allowing different client views across a network.

See also - UTx for a description of our Telemetry Hardware.