Network Layouts

Some typical system layouts are illustrated below.

Key features:

Our Monitoring system can be standalone, for a single PC, or Networked, where Clients are used to display and access data.

Each Base Station can support 60 UTx transmitters, but this number can be increased using repeater units.

Each UTx transmitter has inputs for 5 serial monitoring devices, and 8 additional analogue inputs.


The following layout shows a standalone system, with a single Base Station, 2 UTx' s, one using data from 2 different monitoring devices.


This layout shows a networked system with a server and 2 display clients. Many different Network topologies are supported. This also shows 3 UTx's, each linked to a single monitoring instrument.

This layout shows a Network using a Repeater unit to relay signals from the UTx' s to the Base station. This could be to increase the range of the signal, to increase the number of active devices or to get a signal past a significant obstruction.

The base station can still communicate directly with other UTx' s as shown. Monitoring Instruments are not shown in this layout.

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